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Programing the STK600 AVR board on Linux using C

Setting up the developing enviroment

Note: I’m assuming you have a .deb based distribution and a AVR STK600 board with a ATmega2560 microcontroller that you are programming using an USB cable.

Installing the software

We need to install the following programs and their dependencies:

  • gcc-avr: The GNU C compiler …

How to fix GC overhead limit exceeded in Eclipse

If you’re performing memory intensive operations such as building workspace on big projects, Eclipse will throw this error when it runs out of memory:

An internal error occurred during: “Building workspace”. GC overhead limit exceeded

In order to fix it, you need to increase the memory allocation for Eclipse …

Backup and restore installed packages on Debian/Ubuntu

If you want to reinstall a server or a desktop and want to install the same packages after reinstalling the operating system you can easily do that with dpkg.

First we need to backup the list of packages to a file and after reinstalling the operating system, in this example …

Installing and adding an external Tomcat server in Netbeans

Netbeans no longer comes with Tomcat bundled so if you want to deploy your application to an Tomcat server you need to manually register an external server.

Note: This article is old no longer and this is not true anymore, Tomcat is now bundled with Netbeans so the steps in …