Silviu Tantos

I consider myself a very calm and outgoing introverted person, I enjoy social interaction but I need to be by myself to recharge and organize thoughts from time to time. Whenever I want to relax I like to listen to music, cook or read a book.

I love technology and challenges, I always find a great satisfaction in solving difficult problems and applying my technical knowledge and problem-solving skills. I like to consider myself as a team player, quick learner, independent and self-motivated individual that feels comfortable working in a fast paced environment that evolves rapidly.


HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, AngularJS, jQuery, Python, Django, Java, C, ASM, SCRUM, AUP, Databases (MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB)
System Administration:
Linux (Debian, Ubuntu), Web Servers (nginx, Apache), Mail Services (Postfix/Dovecot), Virtualization (OpenVZ, LXC, Xen, KVM), Firewall (iptables), memcached, Databases (MySQL), DNS (Bind9, djbdns), Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3)
Very good knowledge of network protocols, TCP/IP, IPv4/IPv6, VLSM, VLANs, Inter-VLAN Routing, VPN.

Work Experience


About:Local IT&C company
Position:IT Support
Period:2006-10-01 - 2008-02-24


About:IT division of one of the largest Romanian group (RTC)
Position:IT Support
Period:2008-03-02 - 2009-06-08

TTM Television Station

About:Largest regional television station
Position:Sysadmin / Webmaster
Period:2009-04-12 - 2011-09-01
Work:Reorganized, configured and maintained all IT&C infrastructure, created custom bash scripts to automate the inhouse work, provided IT support and training for the staff.

Corso Magazine

About:National urban culture magazine
Position:Sysadmin / Webmaster
Period:2010-03-12 - 2011-08-01
Work:Responsible for maintaining the magazine’s website, some of the duties included ensuring that the web servers operated correctly, customising the website and updating the content.


About:Holding of road work and construction companies
Position:System Administrator
Period:2010-10-01 - 2011-08-01
Work:Configured and maintained all IT&C infrastructure, connected the company’s offices to the main headquarter, provided IT support and training for the staff.


Position:Developer / System Administrator
Period:2010-10-02 - Present
Work:Worked as a freelancer on numerous interesting projects including: massive deployment of disk images using PXE, scalable web site architectures with nginx+varnish+memcached, custom writen bash scripts to automate inhouse work and backing-up data, Android applications, Web applications.

VIA University

About:The largest university college in Denmark
Position:System Administrator
Period:2012-10-01 - Present
Work:Working as a system administrator on Multilab, a student driven network situated at VIA University’s campus in Horsens. It offers DNS and Web (PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails) hosting, git/svn repositories and technical support for students.


About:Largest icon search engine.
Period:2013-09-01 - Present


Revolve Magazine
Part of Revolve Magazine’s staff, the only English-written magazine for students in Denmark. Responsabilities include customising and developing on the Wordpress platform.
Building Tomorrow
Designed, built and maintain a website using Wordpress for Building Tomorrow, a non-profit organization whose purpose is designing a off-the-grid house in Denmark.
Linux User Group Mures
One of the founding members of the local Linux User Group. Organised, provided support and talked during technical presentations and install fests.
Aeroclubul Mures
Volunteering work for the local air club. Some of the responsabilities where designing, building and maintaining a website using Wordpress and technical support.
Experience Horsens
Android and iOS web application that displays information about places and events from Horsens. Built using HTML, CSS, AngularJS and Phonegap.It uses Django as a backend and MySQL for persistent storage.
VIAnet Autologin
Open source native Android application that automatically authenticates to VIAnet, VIA University’s wireless network.
VIA Skema
Open source native Android application to display the timetable from VIA University’s Skemaweb. Uses python and Flask as a proxy to scrape and format the data into JSON.