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Move fast and break things

Move fast and break things is one of the founding mantras of Facebook and I think it defines a company culture that can apply to almost any technology startup. It is a culture who’s principles embody, promote and encourage communication, constant and fast iterations, tight feedback loop between the …

Copenhagen and my r’bad_luck’

To tell you the story of my string of bad luck and my first week of internship in Copenhagen, I’ll first have to start with my last week. It was Saturday, the day before I had to leave for Copenhagen, I was there minding my own business, when my …

About stuff

I moved to Denmark, from my home country Romania, exactly two years ago to the day with just a small suitcase and a backpack. In them I had a hand-full of clothes, a few personal belongings and my laptop.

During the past couple of years things started to accumulate, I …

Hello world!

After much slacking around and ignoring this blog I decided to give it another spin and bring it back to life.

It will be mostly technical articles about Linux, system administration and network administration.

root@crappy:/# echo 'Hello, World!'
Hello, World!