Copenhagen and my r’bad_luck’

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To tell you the story of my string of bad luck and my first week of internship in Copenhagen, I’ll first have to start with my last week. It was Saturday, the day before I had to leave for Copenhagen, I was there minding my own business, when my laptop suddenly decided that he is thirsty. Now, my laptop being a laptop and having no hands, couldn’t achieve this feat by itself.

Enter me and my clumsy hands. In my infinite star gazing mode, I knock down a glass of water down on my laptop, helping him quenching his thirst and in the same time helping him commit suicide.

Enter me in panic mode. There I was on a Saturday evening without a laptop and I would have to start work on Monday. Luckily I managed to borrow an older laptop from somebody I know but only on Sunday evening, leaving me with little time to swap it’s hard-drive with the hard-drive from my old laptop and to try to boot my old Linux installation from it. If I managed to get it to boot it I would at least have all my files and could work properly. But the laptop that I borrowed, being as stubborn as a wild stallion being caught and trained, decided to all of a sudden defy me and refuse to boot my Linux installation properly.

After a couple of hours of intense training I tamed him and manage to boot my Linux installation successfully. I was finally presented with a beautiful login screen with my name on it.

Fast forward Friday evening. The end of my first internship week. After an office party I head down to Copenhagen Central Station at around 2 AM to take the train back to Horsens to sleep at a friend for the weekend and to take my things back to Copenhagen. Having still a couple of hours till the train arrives I sit on a bench and put my backpack in between my legs. After a couple of minutes I start to doze off. Upon waking up I realize that my backpack with all my things is gone, somebody stole it in the meantime. I had my laptop with all my data, phone, id, credit card and my ticket back to Horsens in it.

Now, at this point, I have to mention that I also didn’t have a place to stay in Copenhagen. When leaving for Copenhagen I didn’t find anything to rent so I just lived in a hostel for the past 5 days with the plan of returning to Horsens for the weekend. I packed just enough clothes for the week and my intention was to go back to Horsens for the weekend and return on Sunday when the apartment that I finally manage to rent would be available.

So exit scene for now, it’s Friday night (3AM), I’m standing in the middle of Copenhagen Central Station, with my hands on top of my head, philosophizing on universe’s strange idea of humor. I am without a place to stay, without a way to contact somebody, without knowing anybody or anyplace and without a way to at least get back to Horsens. Everything I have on me are a couple of beer caps.

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