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I moved to Denmark, from my home country Romania, exactly two years ago to the day with just a small suitcase and a backpack. In them I had a hand-full of clothes, a few personal belongings and my laptop.

During the past couple of years things started to accumulate, I started buying new things, some out of necessity others because I wanted them.

My luggage when moving to Denmark

My luggage when moving to Horsens, Denmark

But fortunately because as a student I had limited space and resources I was forced in a certain mindset, making me think twice before buying something. For example when I needed something, I tried to buy the cheapest thing that would serve it’s purpose, I bought a computer chair and a table for 5$, a bed for 50$ and a lamp for 2$. Being cheap, when moving out instead of taking them with me I could just leave them behind,less thing to move, less hassle and effort spent on moving them out.

Being accepted for an internship in Copenhagen and facing the possibility of living in a hostel for an undetermined period of time made me decide to see how much I could slim down my list of possessions again. My objective was simple, everything that I own should fit in my backpack and my travel bag (or less if possible).

What did I end up with?

My luggage when moving to Denmark

Everything I currently own

  • Clothes, nothing spectacular here.
  • Two pairs of shoes, I’ve always owned no more than 2-3 pair, never felt like I needed more.
  • Thinkpad T500 laptop + mouse.
  • Kindle which I find incredibly useful, it allows me to carry tons of books around with little physical space requirements. I would love to own physical books, but it feels like they would be too much of a hassle right now.
  • External hard-drive to back-up the data from my laptop.
  • HTC One S phone, it also acts as my camera, alarm clock and whatever other uses I can think of.
  • iPod Touch, I bought it to develop and test a iOS application. I’m considering selling it and buying a proper MP3 player.
  • Longboard, I’ve bought this one last year and I consider it incredibly fun.
  • Ogio backpack.

Not shown in the picture:

  • Charger and a docking station for the laptop
  • A pair of headphones,a usb cable for my phone/iPod/Kindle and one for my external hard-drive
  • A computer that I keep back home in Romania which is acting as an off-site back-up server for my files, every night the content of my laptop is saved on to it. In this way if anything happens to my laptop or the data on it, I would still have what’s most important, my files and data
  • A shoe box filled with personal memories.

Now I’m gonna leave you with a great comedy sketch by George Carlin and an awesome website on the subject.

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